Different Types of Hearing Aid

Modern hearing aids are very different from most people's pre-conceptions.

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There are different types of hearing aids to suit all needs and style preferences.

Four main styles of hearing aids exist and suitability to each type will depend on factors such as degree of hearing loss and physical dexterity. These styles include:

bteBehind The Ear hearing aids are most suited for people with severe to profound hearing loss. The microphone which picks up sounds, the amplifier which makes sound louder and the receiver, which acts as a speaker and all housed in the portion of the hearing aid which sits behind the ear and is connected to the ear via a custom made ear mould. Traditionally BTEs are larger than other styles of hearing aids. Read More
ricUnlike BTEs, Receiver in the Canal hearing aids divide the main components of the aid into two main sections. A case behind the ear holds the aid’s amplifier and microphone, while a small bud that contains the receiver sits inside the ear canal. A small tube connects the receiver to the case. This allows for the aid to be smaller than BTEs and also allows for a more natural sound. RICs are generally more suited to people with a mild to moderate hearing loss. Read More
Custom Aids
customCustom hearing aids are also known as In-The-Ear hearing aids, as they are individually manufactured to suit a person’s ear. They range from the so-called Micro-CIC instrument, which fits completely in the ear canal and is almost totally invisible, to the full-shell hearing instrument, which completely fills the bowl of the ear. Custom aids are appropriate for people with mild to severe hearing loss. Read More
Waterproof Hearing Aids
waterproofTraditionally, active people who wore hearing aids had to choose between hearing and their favorite activities, such as swimming, surfing and hiking. No more! There are many types of water, dust and shock proof hearing aids meaning you no longer have to choose between great hearing and your favorite activities.
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Siemens’ Motion

g_differenttypes_motionLive your life with ease: It’s good to know there’s a hearing instrument that lets you treasure every moment. Because Motion™’s amazing clarity and comfortable fit combine to help you focus on what’s important. Motion takes its cues from you. Thanks to its advanced technology, it’s fully automatic, learning to adjust itself to your needs and hearing preferences over time. And if you want to manually change the volume or switch programs, intuitive onboard controls make it easy to enjoy the sound of life. Both the Motion SX and PX are conveniently rechargeable for hassle-free handling and tinnitus functionality.

Motion. Superb sound meets outstanding comfort.

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Siemens’ Pure & Ace

Whatever’s going on around you, you shouldn’t have to miss out on a thing. With Siemens Ace™ and Pure™, you’re in control every step of the way. Both marvels of miniaturisation, the Ace is the smallest RIC in the industry. They’re inconspicuous when worn and contain more features than any other hearing instruments of their size. Their advanced technology delivers outstanding sound quality together with versatile features that help you enjoy the sound of life. Whatever you’re planning. The Siemens’ Pure is also fully rechargeable to eliminate hassle with batteries

Pure. The small wonder for unlimited interaction.

Ace. So tiny, the secret is all yours.

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Siemens’ Insio™

Don’t let hearing loss stop you. Insio is a customised hearing solution that may be tiny, but is full of useful functions: Its advanced technology automatically adjusts itself to your personal hearing preferences over time and offers excellent sound quality and speech understanding. Insio also offers features like wireless connectivity for direct connection to a wide variety of sound sources and a tinnitus noiser that relieves the annoying effects of tinnitus. Insio provides all this with wearing comfort that makes it easy to get out and enjoy any adventure.

Insio. Live your individuality.

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Siemens’ Aquaris

Do you enjoy an active lifestyle – swimming or going to the gym? Are you worried that wearing a hearing instrument might prevent you from carrying out your hobbies? Then look no further than the Siemens Aquaris, the most robustly rated, truly waterproof hearing instrument available.
It doesn’t matter what you do in life, you want to enjoy every moment of it. Now you can, no matter how active your lifestyle. Virtually shock resistant and impervious to dust, perspiration and humidity, Aquaris™ delivers outstanding sound quality for people who spend time in demanding conditions. Whether working in the garden, stretching in the gym or building sandcastles on the beach, with Aquaris you’ll always be in your element

Aquaris. Lets sound in, keeps the elements out.

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